About the Hackathon
What is VHacks?
VHacks is the first-ever hackathon held at the Vatican City in Rome on the weekend of March 8-11, 2018. A total of 120 students from universities all around the world and with all faith-backgrounds will come together for a weekend of innovation and project creation.
Who is organizing VHacks?
VHacks is organized by OPTIC as well as students from Harvard University and MIT. OPTIC is an organization founded in 2012 dedicated to research and innovation regarding the ethics of new and disruptive technologies. OPTIC has organized hackathons before in both San Francisco and Paris. Learn more about the student organizers on the Who We Are page.
How can I apply to VHacks?
Click on this link to apply to attend the hackathon. Applications must be submitted by 12/29/17 at 11:59pm EST in order to be considered.
What is the mission of the hackathon?
VHacks seeks to use technological innovation to overcome social barriers and embrace common values. Our mission is threefold:
  • Leverage technology to address current global problems centered on hackathon themes.
  • Promote collaboration among youth leaders across diverse academic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • Encourage value-based institutions to embrace technology to further their missions.
What are the thematic areas of the hackathon?
The three theme areas are (1) social inclusion, (2) interfaith dialogue, (3) migrants & refugees. To promote fairness, topics within these defined categories will be assigned to teams before they arrive at The Vatican.
Who can take part in VHacks?
All currently-enrolled university students in any degree program in any university are eligible to apply to VHacks.
How are winners determined?
A panel of experienced professionals across tech companies and Vatican institutions will judge teams based on 1) creativity 2) potential impact 3) feasibility 4) relevance to the topics provided and 5) technological innovation.
Where and when will the hackathon take place?
March 8th to 11th 2018. Vatican Hack will take place at The Vatican; however, students will be accommodated in the nearby hotels in Rome.
What is the hourly schedule for VHacks?
The detailed schedule will be announced approximately a month before the event. Students will arrive the afternoon and evening of Thursday, March 8 and the hackathon will begin the morning of Friday, March 9. Projects will be submitted early on Saturday, March 10 and judging will take place throughout the day. The public expo will be held on Sunday, March 11.
Will travel, housing, etc. be paid for for the participants?
VHacks will cover hotel accommodations, meals during the event, and transportation to the Vatican Hack venue from the hotels. Flights to and from Rome will be the responsibility of the attendees or their universities. Need-based financial aid will be available to participants on a case-by-case basis.
Participation Requirements and Application
Who is qualified to participate?
All prospective attendees must be enrolled in a university or community college program at the time of the hackathon. Attendees must also be at least 18 years old by the start of the hackathon to attend. Attendees must be fluent in English.
Do I have to be Catholic to participate?
No. We are looking for the brightest students regardless of religious background. We welcome students of all faiths to participate in VHacks.
Do I need a passport or visa?
All students traveling internationally will require a passport to enter The Vatican. Citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia and most European nations do not require a visa. For other nations, check with your State Department for more information.
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